#shop the look - clean girl aesthetic

#shop the look - clean girl aesthetic

“ I gravitate towards this trend because I like how polish it makes me look and feel”

The "clean girl" aesthetic is a style trend that emerged on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. It emphasizes a minimalist and fresh appearance. It typically involves a natural makeup look, simple and streamlined clothing, and an overall clean and polished appearance.

Clean girl aesthetic often means very neutral and minimalistic outfits. For example, we often see a repeating trend of oversized blazers, high-waisted jeans, and white sneakers. The style is often paired with simple and natural-looking hair and makeup, seen often with soft waves or a sleek ponytail and minimal makeup. I put together an outfit for you that exemplifies this aesthetic: High-Waisted Trouser, Squared Neck Bodysuit  that comes in both blush and black, finished with our Boyfriend Blazer. This is just one of many outfits you can put together, be sure to shop for more amazing looks like this on Pink Wint3r.

I gravitate towards this trend because I like how polish it makes me look and feel. I want to leave the house looking like I woke up and immediately look refreshed, I really love the simplicity of the aesthetic. It allows for more flexibility and makes it easiest to build a capsule wardrobe in my opinion. The Clean Girl Aesthetic is not for everyone, but I hope that sharing my personal version will help inspire you to experiment with different aesthetics in finding your own style.

Owner's Note: 

  • I struggled for a really long time with my style and putting together outfits.
  • I came to the realization that I just didn’t like loud colors or prints with my clothing, that’s why I’m so drawn to the “clean girl” aesthetic. It just happens to be what’s trending right now all over social media.
  • The trick here is to stick with neutrals and more simple pieces to achieve the look.
  • I still struggle sometimes with fashion, but I am finding it fun to learn through this journey and sharing it with you.
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