#what’s in my closet - Color Block Jeans

#what’s in my closet - Color Block Jeans

“One of the great things about these color block jeans is they have a casual feel without losing that chic look.”

Hi everyone, since starting this boutique we have experimented with different styles and learned a lot from the process. Pink Wint3r is now building on a more “clean girl” aesthetic. I’m going to start a series of blog posts on items that we carry at the boutique to share more on how we will be achieving this aesthetic and what it means to me. I started this boutique as a way to share my style and wardrobe with you and I hope you enjoy reading about the color block jeans. It's my first time writing about a clothing article and happens to be our most popular item at the boutique. We would love to hear your feedback on what you want to see next, leave a comment below, we read all comments.

One of the great things about these color block jeans is they have a casual feel without losing that chic look. I personally like to pair them with a simple white top like this crop top or squared neck body suit.  You can also create a more classy, professional look by pairing it with a blazer like our boyfriend blazer. These pieces together give a very clean and minimalist look which is exactly what we are going for. Even though every article is neutral, the color block in the jeans still gives just enough personality to retain the chic look. 

The great thing about Pink Wint3r’s choice is our store’s style is on the neutral side so these jeans can go with anything. If your style is like mine then a pair of color block jeans in our white and denim would be a great choice for your wardrobe.

Owner's Note: 

Every time I wear these out I get asked where they're from. looks great paired with heels or sneakers. I usually wear them with my Air Force. I'm only 4'11 and the jeans fit more like mom jeans and full length on me. the 25 fits snug and the 26 fits loosely on me which I prefer more. If you're petite like me, the jeans will be full length instead of ankle length. One of my favorite features about this pair is the asymmetrical waist band on the zipper. I love pieces that allow me to express my unique style without adding loud colors.

Perfect for spring, unique and trendy

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